The Hope by CAMH Integration into Care Toolkit equips you with information and tools to successfully integrate the Hope by CAMH app in your clinic or practice where you deliver mental health care.

Hope by CAMH is a free smartphone application that can be used as a tool to support your delivery of mental health care through the following:

  • support safety planning through a customizable tool
  • provide clients/patients with education on wellness activities
  • provide clients/patients with access to crisis resources
  • provide clients/patients and family members with access to suicide prevention information

The toolkit includes:

  1. Poster
  2. Tri-fold Pamphlet
  3. e-Pamphlet
  4. Intake Script
  5. Clinician Script
  6. Short Slide Deck
  7. Detailed Guidebook
  8. Video Tutorial
  9. Evaluation Tool
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