Measuring Quality of Care in Virtual Health

Launch of the Virtual Client Experience Survey for Mental Health & Addictions (VCES)


To help organizations evaluate the quality of their virtual care services from a client perspective, CAMH has developed the Virtual Client Experience Survey for Mental Health and Addictions (VCES). This 23-item tool, available to download free of charge, has been adapted from a survey that underwent initial validation. A 9-item version, the VCES-Brief, is also available to download, to enable more rapid measurement of client perceptions of care, such as with follow-up virtual visits. Further work will be conducted to validate recent changes to the tool, including: alignment with the Ontario Perception of Care Tool for Mental Health and Addictions (OPOC-MHA, Copyright © 2015 by CAMH); addition of socio-demographic questions; and three new questions addressing ease of access to care; emotional and physical safety; and compassionate care.

The VCES takes a person-centered approach to considering all dimensions of health care quality, including: safety; timeliness; effectiveness; efficiency; and equity. Demographic questions help organizations gather information on gender, age, ethnicity, and geography, to allow consideration of health equity factors.

To obtain a copy of the survey, we request some general information about your organization to better understand which organizations are interested in the survey, as well as to share via email, any updates and future adaptions that may become available. Your information will not be shared with third parties and is stored securely.

If you have any questions, please send an email to:

Thank you for your interest!

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