Thank you for your interest in presenting a poster at CAMH REDCap Con! This is a great opportunity to showcase the exciting research that is happening through REDCap across Toronto. Please note the following information for your poster design:

  1. Poster must be free standing
  2. Size should not exceed 48" wide by 36" tall

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, December 6th, 2019

A prize will be awarded to the top poster based on the following criteria:

REDCap content. Is there a clear and concise description of the 'who/what/when/how' related to REDCap use? Is REDCap content emphasized? Is there sufficient information so that a reader could replicate it?

Context. In balance with REDCap content, does the poster clearly communicate the context, or the 'why' of REDCap use (e.g., what problem REDCap solves, what the ultimate goal the project is, etc.).

Comprehensibility. Consider the poster as a whole. Is it complete? Does the information flow? Is it organized? Can it be read and digested within 5 minutes?

Visual effectiveness. Is the poster visually appealing? Does the poster incorporate pictures, graphs, flow-charts, etc., if these would help present the information clearly? Is the text readable from a short distance?

Presentation. Is the presenter friendly, knowledgeable, and able to answer questions appropriately?

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